Infinitum: Battle for Europe is a strategy game where up to 10,000 players battle over Europe in real time. The map is based on real geography and contains 15,000 actual European cities. Maybe even the one you live in! Your units move over the map in real time while you rebuild your city up from dust to an industrial metropolis. The gameplay is a mix of city building and real time battles; you build your town, manage resource flows, and upgrades. The industry you create then supports field units that move and fight in real time. You can share them with your friends, and also control their units directly to protect them when they’re AFK. All this with cool graphics – we’re hoping to get to A level. Just check out the screenshots. Think of Settlers meets Civilization meets Dune meets Defcon.

We imagined post-apocalyptic future where Europe lies in ruin. This is no sci-fi! The story of Infinitum: Battle for Europe draws from current events, taking them to their extreme. Imagine everything has gone from bad to much worse, Europe is consumed by chaos and violence. Global Security Agency, an Orwellian military-industrial complex meant to quell civil resistance uses weapons of mass destruction in a desperate attempt to prevent anarchy. Your goal is to fight the GSA, to get its technology, and to reconstruct what’s left. Of course, there are other things in your way. What will a pan-European war look like in 20 years? Will it be East vs. West? North vs. South? We don’t know – it might be your call to make. Wanna join in?

Infinitum: Battle for Europe is a team game – not that you can’t play alone. But it’s simple to create trade, political, and military relationships thanks to our built-in forum with lots of great features. For example, anyone in a forum can see if you are your alliance’s diplomat and begin negotiating with the right person instantly. You can also specialize as a general who leads armies in important battles, a diplomat, a builder, or a farmer. You can create a highly sophisticated and complex economy that will support huge armies that your alliance can share. There are really many different strategies that can be developed by the players in-game. Think of Infinitum: Battle for Europe as a sandbox where you can create your own metagame. When the two huge armies clash in the final battle, combat tactics and communications are important.

The whole map of Europe

The map is generated using real geographic data with countries, seas, and islands that can be used as strategic elements. Each country has one central GSA fortress that can be conquered and used for victory. You can choose your location – a city – after completing the tutorial. Choose wisely, you want to be close to your friends!

Real Time Battles

This is not a typical browser game, your units move in real time directly on the map, and you can change their orders at will. You can outflank your enemies, get behind them, or protect a large area from invasion. Units’ positions, range, and mobility play a key role here. It is not uncommon for a statistically weaker army to crush a much stronger enemy. It all depends on your combat skills.

Global Analysis Map

The game features another map layer that displays all strategic data in one screen – cities, fortresses, and resources. It looks like a Defcon radar-map where you get the global picture: territories of various alliances, battles taking place, cities controlled, and much more. Here you can plan and monitor your strategic goals.

Complex cities

On the city building screen there is a large map for you to build your city on. You have almost 40 different buildings with which you can create a variety of city economies that are different from one another. There is a lot of room for specializations that are necessary if you want to be a key player in your alliance. And of course you have lots of freedom to play as you like.

Cooperation in an Alliance

There is no need to create a single alliance army. Instead, all of the players can share units with whom they like. This way you can have a command structure where several commanders manage alliance battles all over the map. It’s possible to send resources in the alliance elsewhere, creating sophisticated supply chains in order to be more efficient and deadly than the others.

NPC faction

The Orwellian GSA is present in Infinitum: Battle for Europe, it has lots of bases and units ranging from weak to extremely deadly. You don’t have to fight other players straight away – learn how to fight first by beating the NPCs up. Besides, the main goal of the game is to defeat the main villain – Global Security Agency – and to free Europe together!

Infinitum: Battle for Europe is not pay to win. There are in game purchases, yes, but only economy based. Combat can not be modified by any purchasable bonuses. You can call this game “pay to build, fight to win” if you will. The bonuses are not what wins the game, it’s strong alliances and good tactics.

The game is being developed in Flash and is browser based, so you can play it on Win and Mac computers. We do not plan a mobile version as of yet, the gameplay is too complex for small screens. We’re an Indie team, we’re making games by gamers for gamers. This is a sequel to Infinitum, a project that taught us a lot. So this is not a revolution, it’s evolution. An Evolution of our own concept.

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